Rookie Classics

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Sold by Rookie Classics over the years

1969 Impala

Tim from Germany

1966 Grand Prix

Bernd from Germany

1969 Chevelle 396 SS

Felix from Germany

1965 Mustang

Christian from Austria

1971 Camaro

Martin from Austria

1968 Tempest

Serge from Germany

1968 Mustang

Rolf from Essen, Germany

1969 Mustang

Urban from Austria

1970 Nova

Alexander from Berlin, Germany

1969 Mustang

Robin from Frankfurt, Germany

1970 Duster

Alex from Zwitserland

1970 Nova

Frank from Berlin, Germany

1968 Mustang

Hans Dieter from Düsseldorf, Germany

1960 F100 Truck

Peter from Oldebroek, Netherlands

1966 Barracuda

Bert from Dresden , Germany

1965 Galaxie 

Steffen from Oschatz, Germany

1970 Torino

Ralf from Berlin, Germany

1968 Camaro

Sonny from Holland

1972 Lemans

Jonas from Hamburg, Germany

1970 Cutlass

Steven from Wolfsburg, Germany

1969 Cougar

Wolfgang from Ludwigsburg, Germany

1969 Chevelle

Oliver from Friedberg, Germany

1972 Camaro RS

René from  Waren, Germany

1971 Skylark

Roman from Tsjechië

1972 GMC Truck

Peter from Würtzburg Germany

1972 Skylark

Kristian from Ingolstadt Germany

1970 Nova

Felix from Ingolstadt Germany

1965 Mustang 

Linda from The Netherlands

1970 El Camino

Pat from Luxembourg

1973 Gold Duster

Hannes and his dad from Germany

1956  Bel Air wagon

Nico from Switzerland

1967 Mustang

Viliam from Tsjech Republic

1972 Skylark

Michael from Germany

1968 Chevelle

Marcel from Berlin

1970 Electra 225

Karsten from Germany

1964 C10 Truck

Jens from Soest

1967 Mustang

Marc from Luxemburg

1966 Mustang

Mathijs from The Netherlands

1970 Cutlass

Jessica from Germany

1965 Impala

René from Germany

1967 Camaro

Markus from Germany

1967 Cutlass

Monika from Germany

1980 Camaro Z28

Steven from France

1973 Duster

Christian from Germany

1969 Mustang

JB from France

1967 Barracuda

Mike and family from Germany

1973 Duster

Eckhard from Germany

1978 Corvette

Joachim from Germany

1964 El Camino

Rene from Germany

1969 Camaro RS

Nexhi from Switzerland

1972 Chevy truck

Stefan from The Netherlands

1968 Skylark GS

Jens from Germany

1969 Nova

Linda from Germany

1972 Skylark

Manfred from Germany

1969 Nova

Felix from Germany

1972 Nova

Tobias from Germany

1968 Chevy C20

Kari from Finland

1966 Chevelle

Peter from Holland

1972 Monte Carlo

Didier from France

1967 Cutlass

Michael from Germany

1971 Duster

Cristian from France

1965 Galaxie 500XL

Peter from Holland

1968 Fairlane 500

Raphael from Germany

1970 Skylark

Christian from Germany

1969 Riviera

Reimund from Germany

1970 Nova

Martijn from Holland

1963 Dynamic 98

Steffen from Germany

1969 Mustang

Dejan from Slovenia

1972 Charger

Frank from Germany

1970 Nova

Stefan from Germany

1963 Impala

Axel from Germany

1970 Skylark

André from Belgium

1972 Nova

We sold this Arizona Nova to a customer in Berlin. 

1965 Thunderbird

Finally a Dutch customer. Here is Saskia showing the keys of her new ride. 

1974 Chevy truck

And in the same week we sold this Chevy truck to a family from Holland as well.

1969 Riviera

Sold to Henri from France. This 69 Riviera was on Henri's list for a while.  Solid classic  with 430 V8 with all the power options.

1972 Monte Carlo

Nice and solid Chevy from California. This 350 V8 went to Ralf from Berlin. Real survivor with original paint and interior. Really nice!!

1968 Mustang

289 Mustang with all the looks bought by Kite surfer Lars from Erfurt, Germany. Some work to do but the best year of the Mustang!

1967 Galaxie Hardtop

Roland bought his first classic car at Rookie Classics. This Canadian Galaxie will get lots of attention from Roland and . 

1970 Buick Skylark

Jan is our first customer from Slowakia. Jan and his buddy Igor love cool and fast rides. Dutch registration made it easier to get it licenced in Slowakia so we took care of that.

1970 Duster

This nice 70's Mopar was traded in by Edwin and bought by Karl from Austria.  

1970 Lemans 455

Sold to Markus from Northern Germany. He wanted a badass muscle car so he got himself this badass muscle car ;-)

1974 Duster

Very nice and solid Arizona Duster went to Geoffrey from Belgium. 360 V8 with lots of power. 

1970 Duster

Build 360 V8. very cool looking Duster went to Edwin from the Netherlands. Edwin traded his own 1970 Duster for this bad boy.

1965 Skylark

Very very nice Skylark was as original as can be. Konrad and his dad came to Rookie Classics for a 69 California GS first but ended up a half year later with a 65 Skylark. 

1969 Mustang

Here are my friends Mike and Alex from Poland. They bought their second car from Rookie Classics this year. And this nice coupe is not the last car that is on their list...

1967 Delta 88

This very nice 1967 Olds went to Jochen from Hamburg. Jochen was really particular about what he wanted and this beauty really came close. An other Rookie Classics car found his home in Germany.



1969 Nova

This was our  "cookie" of 2015 and so thought Jeroen. He not only buy our 69 Chevelle but he also got our 69 Nova to comple the Chevy Muscle Car set. Have fun with the handsome couple Jeroen!

1969 Chevelle

A 355 motor with lots of goodies to make this car burn the rubber of both rear wheels! Jeroen is a real fan of American Muscle and could not leave this car in our showroom. 

1972 Chevelle

This was the right make, year and model for Yirka from Germany. This matching number Chevelle needs a little work but will certainly draw some attention on local car shows!

1965 Impala

The best year of the Impala's. Bought in sunny Phoenix and sold to a real US car lover only 15 km's from our shop. Needs some work but still a badass car!

1967 Cougar

Bought and sold in Germany with TUV and H-zulassung. Fun little car mostly original.

1972 Chevy Nova

Fokko from Hamburg responded in just 1 hour after the add was up. Next day he saw the car and wanted it. Fokko had some Mopars before but made the switch to Chevy now.

1972 Plymouth Duster

Real H code Duster was sold to Tim from Bremerhaven. He wanted a bad as looking muscle car so the Duster was just what he was looking for

1970 Camaro

Here is Michal and his brother from Poland in front of the 1970 Camaro. Michal is a photographer and the Camaro will be used for wedding pictures. 

1967  Olds Cutlass

Very nice and solid 1967 Cutlass. Paint on this car was in very nice and straigt condition. René saw the car even before we had it posted on line. 

1972 Chevy Nova

Very nice matching number 350 Chevy Nova with a 3 speed transmission. Hard to find these cars in this condition in the US. Nicci from Berlin found it and took it home right away

1970 Chevy Nova

I think there were about 10 people interested in buying this Nova. Super original and very solid for a killer deal. It went to Fredy in Austria.

1966 Ford Mustang

This Nice Mustang stays in our home town of Kampen. This is a "full option" Pony car with factory disc brakes, power steering, air conditioning, GT exhaust and a pony interior. Very special car found in Arizona by RookieClassics.

1972 Buick Skylark

This is Bernd from Oldenburg, Germany. Bernd visited us in January and told us what he wanted. When we saw this 455 GS clone we inmediately thought of Brend. When he saw the car 2 months later, it was sold right away!

1971 Buick Skylark

Here is Dominique from France. Domi took the plane to pick up this nice original Skylark. He drove it home for about 900km without any problems. Have fun with it Dominique!

1972 Olds Cutlass

Here is Tristan from France. He, his father and his 2 brothers came to pick up this cruiser on Sunday. American cars are all in the family and now Tristan also has one.

1970 Nova

This Nova went to William from Belgium. William is a real car lover and a Nova was on his wish list. After inspection and homologation William put some km's on this silver bullit.

1972 Nova 454BB

Here are my friends Judith and Markus from Germany. They fell in love the moment the saw this black beauty. Rookie Classics added Vintage air and the "Death proof" skull on the hood.  I am sure they will be enjoying lots of km's in this bad boy!

197O Buick Skylark

The 70 Skylark time machine went to Rene from Oldenburg, Germany. Rene saw the Skylark as an investment. The bank pays no interest on your savings and these cars will go up in value the coming years, thats for sure. Good job Rene!

1969 Buick  Skylark

This beautifull California GS went to our special friends Tom and Aaron. Father and son are the nicest guys I know from Switzerland. I know for sure this car has the best home you can think of. 

1971 Cutlass

Finally a car to one of our Dutch friends. Peter already has a 57 Bel Air but he wanted a more powerfull toy to play with. I know for sure his daughter Ilona will take advantage of him by driving this bad boy to car shows.

1972 Chevy Nova

This is one of the most solid original Nova's we found. Original paint and no rust. Looks a bit patina but kind a cool.  Rookie Classics installed a rebuild motor and tool care of Dutch registration. Mart from The Netherlands has big plans with this car. We hope to see him back or help him out doing these modifications in the future

1978 Corvette 

Yes, we sold it. We really wanted to keep it but Ioannis from Germany wanted it even more. This original pace car only had 11 miles on it! Never seen such a clean and brand new looking 37 year old car. We had to go to RDW to get it registered in Europe. Never had a title before. Can't believe how we ever found this beauty back in 2008.

1955 Chevy Bel Air

I wanted to keep this car for ever but if you have too many cars to drive, 1 has to go. Tomas and his wife Mia from Sweden came over to drive this "oldy" home. Bought this car in 2013 in Phoenix, Arizona. Had a beefy 350 V8 and a 700R4 transmission. Dakota Digital Dash and custom interior. CPP steering box en 4 wheel disc brakes.

1968 Chevy Chevelle

This Chevy went to Lars from Germany. Lars is an "auto scout" and bought this car for one of his customers. We hope to see him back soon with a wish list from his customers.

1971 Chevy Nova

This car went to Rocco from Germany. This V8 is running strong with a 350 transmission with a 2500rpm Stall converter. Rocco has some work to do and we are very curious how the car wil look in about a year from now.

1970 Chevy Nova

This nova with its 355 V8 engine has plenty of power under the bonnet. After some specially made video's, Sandro from Switzerland was convinced this is the car he is going to enjoy during summer cruises. Rookie Classics installed a disc brake conversion kit and some SS touches. 2015 will be the year that Sandro can enjoy this bad boy.

1971 Pontiac Lemans

Randy likes to cruise around on sunny days. Why not in a good sounding convertible with a rumbling V8. Watch out for sunburn Randy!

1971 Olds Cutlass

Steve is the buyer of this really nice 71 Cutlass. Steve inspected the car on a saturday and took his time to go all over the car. With a small "to do list" we made a deal. It has a very nice paintjob and Steve is very pleased with the car. After some work to get homologation in Belgium, Steve will for sure enjoy this muscular classic with his wife and 2 sons.

1972 Chevy Nova V8

This Nova was sold to my friend Oliver from Germany. Oli purchased some more cars from RookieClassics already. On the picture is the guy who picked up the car. This Nova is a great driver. I drove it for a couple of weeks as my daily driver. Starts up right away. Cosmetically it needs some attention or, just leave it this way and put the "death proof" decals on the hood and you have a very cool matt black Nova.

1969 Buick Riviera

This 69 Riviera was sold to Richard from Nürnberg. Its a running project that will look very nice again after some TLC from Richard. It has LPG and a 430 V8 big block. Richard will take his time to restore this very cool 69-er and I am sure it will look stunning again after he put his hands to it.

1965 Chevy truck

Here is Dennis and his 65 Chevy truck. Normally Dennis drives a big truck but he fell in love with this pick up from the moment he saw it. We installed power steering (Dennis has big muscles but this was a little too much) and we arranged the whole registration in The Netherlands. The truck is now parked in a special spot in the barn. Thanks Dennis!

1969 Chevy Nova

This Nova went to Manuel, a young entrepreneur from Germany who started his own paint and restoration shop about 3 years ago. Manuel and his friends will completely restore this nice Nova and bring it back to original show quality. Good luck my friend and hope to see you back again!

1969 Ford Mustang 

This very nice Mustang went to Thomas from München. He and his buddy came out to Kampen to check on this car before it was even ready. They were both very happy with the quality of this car and the stunning paint job. Thomas had the car transported to a Mustang shop in Hamburg where the Mustang became a TUV and H-zulassung. I bet he gets a lot of "thumbs up" cruising down the streets of München.

1973 Dodge Dart

Dominique flew in to Schiphol to pick up this clean Mopar ride from RookieClassics. This car is a very nice and good running classic that was owned by the same guy for 15 years. His wife said "no, don't sell it!" but he wanted a motorcycle...... Dominique inspected the car and was really happy that it did not only look good on the pictures. He also approved it to drive it home 925 km's to France. Have fun Dominique and I hope you and Marie will drive the Dart smoothly on the French roads.

1971 Buick Skylark GS

Here we have Hilde from Köln. Hilde and Klaus were already looking for a nice and speical muscle car for a while. After analysing and seeing several options, this Skylark drew their fullest attention. The real 455 GS fitted totally in the dream car profile. Hilde will enjoy the Ford Granada for a while but I am sure the big V8 will give her the real muscle car vibes. Enjoy guys and Hilde, I will find you a nice little V8 Nova ;-)

1973 Plymouth Duster

Sold to Matthias from Germany. Matthias and his girlfriend were very pleased with this 360 V8 Duster. Good color! Matthias worked on the car to get the H-zulassung and is now enjoying the summer meetings with his sweet Mopar.

1971 Chevy Camaro RS

Sold to Raphael from France. This Camaro is pro-touring style! 20"wheels, bucket seats and Autometer gauges. There is a 350 V8 and automatic transmission.

1966 Mustang, 289 V8

Sold to Sandor from Austria. Sandor came all the way from Austria to purchase this little red Mustang. Sandor put some nice white ralley stripes on the car and a set of good looking wheels. I bet he gets a lot of thumbs up !

And many more: